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how we started

Patchwork Human Services LLC has been in the making since 2010 and was birthed through the passion of one therapist on a quest to provide the most creative aspects of counseling to  a variety of individuals without being confined to the traditional confines of treatment. This passion has organically developed over the years and has been proven to push limits to generate growth and healing. 


The mission of Patchwork Human Services LLC is to provide an organic counseling experience by providing psycho-education through group, individual, and family therapy with a foundation rooted in overall growth, social emotional health,  and mental well-being. 


Our vision is to support, encourage, uplift, and model ways in which families can advocate for themselves and their family unit.


I have never felt more comfortable being transparent about my struggles and insecurities. Ebony is very trustworthy and honest

Nervous Nancy

"It's Ebony Maddrey for me. She is a life saver, second mom, personal guide through life, and she provides an amazing safe haven for us. She comes highly recommended you won't regret your experience" ~ Jae

"Ms. Ebony is very caring and easy to talk to"


"Ebony is very relatable and truly understands the matters of the heart. However, she is always honest and tells me what I need to hear and not just what I want to hear. She gives sound advice and words of encouragement. She is caring and helps people like me have breakthroughs" ~ Miss A

"You are very motherly and comforting to talk to" ~Felix

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